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On the Cover of our Sept - Oct 2019 Issue

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Our Front Cover Picture…

…is of Nigel Foster’s 1953 4AD Roadster, which, apart from a few changes in the controls and instrument panel layout, is virtually identical to later 4aDs and 4AD(T) twin carb models, and to the 4ACs, which had a 1200cc reduced bore SM1500 engine instead of the SM1500 cc unit in the 4AD models.

3440 4ADs were built from early 1951 to 1956, including around 800 Twin Carb models, most of which were for export.  This marked the end of the line for the Roadster.

Note:  From mid 1951 to early 1952, 4ABs were built on the same production line as the Ads, and were identical  in external appearance, including te ‘C’ Section bumpers, stalk-mounted rear lamps and square rear number plate.


Celebrating the Roadster’s 80th Anniversary  1939-2019